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Tarneit Insurance Smash Repairs


Rather than focusing on cost, focus on trying to get a repair so good that your vehicle will look even better than it did before the accident.

When you need Tarneit insurance smash repairs on your vehicle, instead of letting the insurance company choose for you, checking the reputation of a range of repairers and selecting it yourself is the best way to ensure that you’ll be getting the service you require. 

If you’re not at fault, then the other party’s insurance company will have to cover your repairs. This means that you can select the best without having to worry about price!

Melbourne MPP - Tarneit Insurance Smash Repairs

We pride ourselves on our strong reputation built up through our work, range of services and customer care. We can give you a solid guarantee of quality repairs on your vehicle while you enjoy our amazing service.

Here are some of the benefits that Tarneit Smash Repairs – Melbourne MPP, can provide for you!

Courtesy Loan Car

This is something you should ALWAYS insist on! Not being able to drive your precious vehicle is already enough trouble, let alone the inconvenience it causes to your work and life. So that our repairs don’t get in the way of your routine, we’ll provide you with a free, high-quality loan car until you can drive your own again.

Strong Relationship with Major Insurance Companies

Due to our reputation, we have forged a strong relationship with most major insurance companies. Many drivers across Melbourne insist on having their repairs done by us, so insurance companies are very much aware of our dependability. We have direct access to most of these companies, which will make the insurance and repair process a lot smoother.

Colour Matching

Using the latest technology and the finest paints, we guarantee that any paint job by us will match the rest of the vehicle. Paint is an easy part to scrimp on, saving many low-quality repairers time and money.

Hail and Storm Damage

Hail and storm damage can be a tricky repair. A careful, delicate hand and expert eye is needed to assess every centimeter of the vehicle to find all scratches and dents, and then to carefully balance them out. Many of our repairers specialise in hail and storm damage, and we can handle anything from a few small marks to complete and total destruction.

For the best insurance smash repairs, come to us at Tarneit Insurance Smash Repairs – Melbourne MPP. Contact Us for more information.

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For any enquiries about our services here at Truganina Smash Repairs, give us a call on:
(03) 9394 1153

Smash and Panel Repairs – Servicing Truganina, Derrimut and Melbourne’s Western Suburbs

For any enquiries about our services here at Melbourne MPP, give us a call on:
(03) 9394 1153